Vintage Pin-Up Art Project

2y ago


We love giving valentines to our kids, but the husband and I are more into the vintage pin-up and nosecone era art seen on aircraft or sometimes custom cars. Last year, I decided to forego the cards and make him some replica nose art, like the sections often seen in air and car museums, instead. It was pretty easy.

"Bomshell Harley"

I found some DC Bombshell window stickers in a comic shop, but it's just as easy to photo copy images from books and old photos or print out images from the web to use.

Nose cone art images, ready to be be made into pin-ups.

The process is pretty easy, once you find an image to work with. You'll also need some heavy scrapbook paper or card stock, and wooden or metal button stickers.

1. Clip the paper in three sections, then layer it so it resembles panels of a plane or old car.

2. Cut out your "nose art" or "pin up" image and glue to the panel. Create a title for your craft, if it doesn't already have one.

3. Add the button stickers along the edges of the layered panels to look like rivets.

4. Gently tear or "burn" around the edges to make it look like a piece of metal torn or cut from the side of a larger panel.

5. Add some paint or highlights, to make it look rusty or vintage.

Assembling your "pin up." You can also use actual sheets of metal instead of paper, once you've given this a go.

Easy, and they look pretty good in a group.

A wall of vintage "nose art."

Now, I don't think anything is wrong with men enjoying the pretty women in nose art, but it's always frustrating for gals like me to try and find images for those of us who would rather enjoy more masculine pin-ups.

Ergo, I've created some for us girls to print and cut. Enjoy!

"Feel The Power."

"Slow and Steady"