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Vintage Toy - Mighty Mike Truck

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My father is not a car man, but he recently introduced me to a beloved toy truck he had as a child, knowing I would probably like it since I'm the black sheep car lover in my family. He even encouraged me to share this, hoping you all might be interested in the vintage toy too!

"Mighty Mike" was line of a toy trucks with tracks and accessories sold by American company Remco throughout the 1960's. The vehicles weren't too big, made of plastic, and operated by a couple of batteries. They could drive themselves up and down the tracks - a slow but steady climb that resembled a tank. It might seem a bit nothing these days with all the "new and improved" technology, but without a doubt, the Mighty Mike sets were a blast in their day.

Some of the accessories you could buy for the Mighty Mike truck would turn it into a completely new vehicle including a camper, cement mixer, gas truck, dump truck, and more! Check out the video below of a Mighty Mike six-wheeler truck chugging along with the added Dairy Milk truck accessory piece.

The Mighty Mike brand evolved their vehicle options to a Jeep and a train set called the Astro Train, complete with a pretty cool helicopter launch pad. Remco also sold sets with obstacle courses consisting of various terrains, super sky-ways, and bridges to build that would challenge the vehicles in new ways than before.

"I had Hot Wheels and Matchbox too," admits my father, coincidentally whose name is Mike, "but Mighty Mike was my favorite because it could climb over the tracks. It's a forgotten classic toy".

What do you guys think of this toy? I think it's really cute! It's simple yet easy to see how you could have made hours of fun from it.

A look at a complete "SkyWay Express" set with tracks and add-on accessories. Credit Ebay user "vintage-toys-for-sale"

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  • Great article Amanda ๐Ÿ˜Š

    4 days ago
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  • That actually looks pretty cool for an automotive toy of the 60's

    5 days ago
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    • Most definitely. All the options in a set were a big deal

      5 days ago
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