- Credit: Polizei Düsseldorf

Vinyl wrapped BMW seized by German police for excessive glare

Too bling for its own good

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Modifying your car in Germany is a process that is less straightforward when compared to most places around the world. If you do choose to make a modification to your car, you are required by law to have your vehicle inspected and certified for the road again.

The owner of a BMW X5 M from Kosovo recently found out the hard way when they were pulled over by Düsseldorf police.

Credit: Polizei Düsseldorf

Credit: Polizei Düsseldorf

What was the outcome?

This chrome gold vinyl-wrapped X5 M was deemed unroadworthy due to it inflicting a dangerous "dazzling effect" upon other motorists and "blazing clearly in the corresponding sunlight", according to police.

Upon further analysis, the police also commented on the vehicle's tinted taillights and custom exhaust; both of which had not been previously inspected or approved. Though the owner claimed to be unaware of Germany's strict motoring regulations, it was an invalid excuse and they were unable to drive the car home. Instead, the vehicle was towed off to be examined by an appraisal company for roadworthiness.

This is not the first time a motorist has been pulled over for a chrome vinyl wrap, there was an incident involving a Porsche Panamera earlier this year and a Lamborghini Aventador before that. In both cases, the vehicles were regarded as safety hazards, impounded and had their wraps removed. The owners were fined and the vehicles had to be re-registered; the owner of this X5 M will most likely encounter a similar fate.

Are chrome vinyl wraps are a road hazard?

Thanks for reading and feel free to share your thoughts in the comments.

Do note that this incident serves as a reminder to refamiliarise yourself with all aspects of local motor rules and regulations.

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