Viper Crashing At A Cars & Coffee Highlights Major Problems About These Shows

1y ago


We Are The Problem

Let me be the first to admit that I'm part of the problem. The desire to share the acts of a few idiots suffering at the hand of their lack of driving skill, is just one of the problems about these car gatherings sprouting up all over the country. What was once a casually covered automotive event has become a breeding ground for attention starved social media-ites, waiting for the next big crash so they can share it on their instaface accounts. So let me be the first to call myself out as a hypocrite, for writing about another spectacular crash and sharing a video of another YouTube account that captured it. This will be the last of these posts that you'll see from me.

This Is The Car Equivalent Of The Paparazzi

Why are we so obsessed about seeing beautiful cars like this Dodge Viper crash on the sidewalk? Why is that our first instinct upon seeing a mishap like this is to pull out our phones and document it for our X number of friends, instead of seeing if the driver and passengers are ok? And what has happened to our psyche that our first reaction is to cheer and laugh like hyenas?

The People Behind The Wheel Are As Idiotic As These Onlookers

Of course we wouldn't have accidents like these if the idiot behind the wheel had sufficient driving skills and didn't behave like an attention seeking clown. Driving a rare and powerful car like the Dodge Viper should already send overdose levels of dopamine to the brain, to the point where the desire of showing off should be tempered by the body's reduced ability to keep your bodily fluids on the inside.

If there were no ravenous onlookers waiting for a show then maybe people wouldn't have a bigger urge to showoff. Maybe. Understanding and analyzing the motives of humans in front of other humans is a much bigger thesis than what could be posted within a DriveTribe post (probably), and I am too knowledge-limited to even begin peeling the complex onion-like layers of the human psyche. If there are any psychoanalysts within the DriveTribe community, can we start a conversation as to why we behave like the idiots we are?

What Can We Do?

We can fix the car crashing situation by not paying attention to it. Like aforementioned, I'm a hypocrite, but I'm pointing this out to begin the discussion. Just like how the paparazzi can "potentially" go away if we stop buying tabloids. Maybe.

Am I wrong here? Can we do anything about this?

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