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Got a few good shots of the group of vipers that showed up at a Houston Meet

34w ago

While the meets have been by and large cancelled or shrunk down, the recent one in Cypress had a great showing. One of the unique aspects of this event was the large gathering of Vipers that came through. The full event will be posted here - Cypress C&C Meet. It's hosted on the Topmarq platform for virtual/hybrid car shows where you can explore car shows each weekend.

Nice deep blue with some stripes on our first ride. I feel like this is the classic viper look.

How about this burnt orange? Any University of Texas fans out there?

This black isn't too exciting but the body kit and hood definitely add some spice to this Viper.

Got the full gamut of colors here! The huge wings on the vipers always add a nice accent

I hope you liked these shots! I've got a ton more from the other car groups that showed up that I will try to post in other articles. I'd also appreciate any thoughts on the car show platform mentioned above! It's somewhat like a concentrated version of posts like this for all the shows going on around you, but constructive feedback (positive or negative) is where it's at.

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