Virgin Trains to start eurotunnel style car ferry

    Virgin Trains are to start transporting cars up and down the country in a new service they calling 'cartrain'

    3y ago


    Virgin Trains are to start a car transport service going from Scotland (wherever that is) to London (that place down south somewhere, the one with the tall buildings and stuff) and back again presumably

    CarTrain will start operating when the seats have been taken out of a couple of carriages on the penandpencil tilting trains they currently have in service. A spokesman for Virgin, Gerald Choco-late (84) told us, "we are hoping to have the service running very soon, maybe even by the 2018's, just depends how many angle grinder discs we get through I suppose."

    Of course opponents to the scheme said, "cars already have things they can go on, they are called roads or something, I don't have a car myself only a bicycle and I don't see why they should pollute my air while I'm on a train." Another told us, "Stupid idea" and just walked off.

    Whatever the outcome we think this is a fabulous idea, I can't wait for the half hourly service from Twicksburk newton to Almond Filling-tusk gets the same treatment so I can take my car to work too. Good on you Virgin.

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