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Virtual Museum - Gosford Classic Cars (Part 1)

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Welcome to another Virtual Museum tour. This is a museum with a few differences, and most of the exhibits are for sale. This is actually a very clever business model, as not only do the exhibits help fund the running of the place, but the displays are constantly changing. No two visits will be exactly the same. The museum is known as Gosford Classic Cars, and is located in Gosford, NSW, Australia. I'm going to break this article into several parts, so as to do it the justice it deserves.

First impressions were that Gosford is a bright and well laid out place. It's full, but not cluttered. I hadn't been in contact with anyone here and let them know that I was coming, so I expected to just wander around, take a few pictures, and move on with our fairly busy schedule. This was not how it worked out. There were many, many nice things here, I wasn't going to leave for quite some time, even if it meant driving through the night to our next destination.

Walking through the entrance, my eyes were immediately drawn to a line of beautiful Ferraris on my left, starting with this amazing replica of a 250 Testarossa:

This car is hand built on a later model chassis, and had just been sold to a buyer in the U.S. so I was lucky to see it.

One of several 365's, this GT4 2+2 really popped in it's amazing blue coat.

And this 1975 Boxer was just beautiful too.

1992 Ferrari 512TR! More commonly known as The Testarossa, this is one of the most iconic Ferraris, featuring the Flat-12 Boxer engine based on the Formula 1 cars of the time.

By now it's apparent that the cars here were of a pretty exceptional standard, and whoever has chosen them to buy had really good taste!

Now this is a bit strange! a 1950 Tatra 600 Tatraplan! Powered by an air-cooled 4-cylinder 1952cc with twin carburettors and 52hp, the 600 could hit 80mph. Says something for the aerodynamics I guess. Very cool looking car, thanks Czecholavakia!

There were some nice Porsches too, 928's, 911's and this stunning 1953 550 Spyder recreation. This is the same model that James Dean died in, in 1955. That one was called "little bastard". This one is a little beauty!

And here's a really nice 1995 Porsche 928 GTS. These were affectionately known as a "Land Shark" by fans. A pal has had a couple of these. They drive really nicely, probably the best Porsche made, IMO.

Round about now one of the museum employees (Bill) approached me and asked if he could help, as he'd seen I was taking a bit of time with each car, and taking a lot of photos. Bill spent quite some time with us (on and off as he spoke with other people), and allowed me up close and personal to the more interesting cars. He also spent some time chatting with me before we left, giving me some history of the place, and even some insights into the owner, which I'll pass on at the end of the story.

Also, I'm glossing over a lot of the cars or this will end up a thousand pages long or something ridiculous, but I will post separate articles on each over the coming months.

Turning away from the Ferraris and Porsches, I see these dream cars. I took a LOT of photos of these, watch out for them. I've had a lot to do with Ferraris, but Lambos are rarer, hence to me more interesting. I've never been up close to a Countach before, and it was almost surreal, being able to photograph the ultimate Bedroom Poster car. The Diablo wasn't bad either! Here's a picture of each - enjoy!

Oh the Countach! My heart was RACING as walked around this car and took photos. What an amazing looking car. Will there ever be anything more outrageous?

1999 Lamborghini Diablo SV. Just.. wow! Powered by a 5.7Liter 60 degree V-12, the SV can hit 328km/h !

In Part 2 we will be looking at some nice Mercedes and Beemers - Follow the link below!



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