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Virtually New MG ZR To Go Auction

Fancy a virtually new MG ZR? Well Classic Car Auctions gives you the chance to nab one.

The ZR. It may not be the fastest hot hatchback going, nor is it the most celebrated, but it comes from a brand that has the largest owners club in the world - MG. Therefore it's a car that is likely to draw some attention, especially as this model is as good as new. This particular model will go under the hammer by Classic Car Auctions next month with an estimate of £5,000-£7,000. But what exactly makes this car worth that amount of money?

Time Warp

This three-door model, was bought from new in 2005 before shortly putting in to storage and being declared SORN by its only ever owner. Because of this, the 1.4 litre petrol engine has helped the car reach a total of just 759 miles. It's still in its breaking in period for God's sake! The lack of use means that both the inside and out are as fresh as an autumn's morning. This could be the ideal car for an MG enthusiast that is looking for an example that has been well looked after.

It's like it just came out the showroom

It's like it just came out the showroom

It may well be the one of the best ZRs money can buy, but it's certainly not the most powerful used hot hatch you can get. Granted, you could buy the ZR with larger engines, but the 1.4 litre was able to muster up just 103bhp. This meant 0-60 came in 10 seconds and the top speed wasn't exactly anything to write home about. But, this car is more about the handling, much like a Mazda MX-5. Only the MX-5 is much more likely to be reliable!

Plenty of life left in her yet!

Plenty of life left in her yet!

“This car is simply stunning in every respect!” states Simon Langsdale, classic car consignor, CCA. “Low mileage modern classics are extremely popular these days, and I very much doubt there’s another one in this condition and with this mileage out there.”

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