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Dusseldorf (Germany) - Night at the museum, the car-edition

4y ago

If you still your petrol head hunger by finding ways to look at great cars, life can be tough. Sure, you can go visit a dusty museum with cars that haven’t hit the tarmac since Milli Vanilli, or catch a cold standing on a street corner in London trying to get a glimpse of a banker’s new Italian thoroughbred. But the really interesting collections are often safely tucked away in a fortified garage in Beverly Hills or a gold-plated hanger in a Saudi sandbox.

So where do you go if you want to see, hear, and smell more than 100 super cars under one roof, all different makes and models, spanning a life-time of car making? And all this while being comfortably warm and dry, and able to enjoy a lovely espresso while you’re at it? I think i found just the place…

Quietly hidden in an obscure corner of Dusseldorf is the Classic Remise. Housed in a beautifully restored train remise, it’s a petrol head’s candy store.

When you step inside through one of the garage doors, their signature piece instantly greets you. In my view, the best way i’ve ever seen cars displayed. A long line of glass boxes, two stories high, lines the entire inner ring of the building. Inside the boxes, you’ll find a collection of the best and rarest cars known to man. Walking in i found a Ferrari F40, a classic ’76 911, Ford GT, and Lamborghini Gallardo. All quietly resting side-by-side.

And the best part is yet to come. Because this is no ordinary display of cars. This is a museum that has come to life. Each and every car in the remise is either owned by a car enthusiast, or is looking for an owner. This means that on an average day you’ll find owners picking up or returning their treasured classic 911 or brand-spankling new Merc SLS, specialist mechanics toiling away at rare Ferrari’s, and prospective buyers sniffing up the leather in what will soon be their new Jag E-type.

This is the ideal place to visit when you’re passing through Dusseldorf, but also well worth the trip to Dusseldorf in itself. And as the residency is constantly changing, it could even be well worth making it a regular visit to sooth your petrol head appetite.

The Classic Remise in Dusseldorf is one of two remises, with the other, larger one, in Berlin. Visiting the Remise is free of charge. They are open from Monday to Sunday. Visit the website ( for the opening hours and address.

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