Visit to Sema 2016

Been to Las Vegas with Team Showoff Imports from the 29th of Oktober till the 5th of November 2016. Mainly to visit the SEMA carshow, which celebrated it's 50th anniversary. Held from the 1st till the 4th of Nov. And ofcourse, to party. But since this is Drivetribe, I will limit the article to the famous carshow mostly.

On the way to Las Vegas

New York-New York. The Hotel we stayed for the week.

We arrived at Las Vegas at Saturday the 28th. Just had a flight of about twelve hours and even though we took off in The Netherlands at 07.00 AM we arrived at Vegas around 12.00 AM due to the Time difference. I really had problems sleeping in the plane and decided to take things easy just before SEMA would start on tuesday. So, nothing spectacular or extreme happened for me in Vegas the first few days. (Except for Halloween, which was pretty cool). Anyway. Lets F.F to Tuesday.

It was early in the morning when we woke up to get to the SEMA show, checked our passes and went for the Busstop at the Taxipickup located at the rear of the hotel. Transport is pretty well arranged during the SEMA show, almost every big hotel has it's own 'busstop'. You just get out of your hotel, wait for a while in the 'Semaline' and I guess every 30 minutes or so a new bus picks people up. Am not really sure about the timespan, but I never had to wait for very long to be picked up either. That's one big compliment to the SEMA organisation.

Anyway, after a drive of like.. 30 to 40 minutes we arrived at the SEMA show. Hope you'll enjoy the pics. They are all shot with my phone, and no.. I am not a professional nor a hobby photographer, so please don't judge to hard on the picture quality. Here we go;

Plaque at the entry of the Sema Show. A special one, since it was the 50th anniversary

3 days in SEMA, and a team of people builded this car. In 3 days!! On the Spot. I love it!

Personally wouldn't go for a setup like this, but it grabbed some attention. And to be honest, well deserved.

There's a huge area outdoors. A big area is for static displays, but Ford and Continental Tires had some area's where drifttaxi's were driving around. I found Hoonicorn Outside somewhere, it wasn't on the Ford Area though, and unfortunately did not see it go for a spin. Guess it didn't, did it?



Ford's drifting area

Ford's drifting area

I have tons more pictures of the cars standing in the outside area. And with the level of quality of the cars at SEMA, it's really hard to choose the ones to feature. I could go on and on adding pictures. But, one almost legendary hall of SEMA is the Wheels and Tires hall. The cars are a bit more impressive and the amount of promogirls is highest at that location of Sema. Instantly one of my favorite places to visit and shoot pictures.

Still one of my favorite Lamborghini's, next to the Countach.

Ferrari Laferrari, We're talking Hypercars here..

Unfortunately, most of the pics I shot in this hall were from girls. Vertical photo's, and it seems DriveTribe is not too happy with Vertical photo's. Shame, I suppose I have to keep most of them for myself. Anyway. Some other personal favorites of the show:

Talking about hypercars; Porsche 918 Spyder.

Ryan Tuerck's Toyota GT86 Drifter with Ferrari Engine

Ryan Tuerck's Toyota GT86 Drifter with Ferrari Engine

Ryan Tuerck's Toyota GT86 Drifter with Ferrari Engine

Ryan Tuerck's Toyota GT86 Drifter with Ferrari Engine

The details on this car. Can't imagine it is actually driving though

The details on this car. Can't imagine it is actually driving though

Le mans Winner! Love how they didn't even wash it.


Girls Girls Girls! (8)

The new NSX, Finaly Honda is producing something reall sportive again!

Fast and the Furious 8

Fast & Furious 7... I guess..?

Oh Eleanore... I'm secretly in love..

I'm going to round up the Article. I don't know why, but if I had to choose one personal favorite of the cars I encountered at SEMA, it would be the BMW on the last pictures. Even though I respect all brands, I'm usually not a BMW guy in Particular. Still, this car got my attention and didn't let it slip anymore.

Again, big compliments to the organisation of SEMA. Things were arranged well again. Had a very good experience, just like I had when I visited SEMA in 2014. Also, a big compliment to all the people with stands. The cars and the girls were outstanding again. I'm not sure if I'll visit the SEMA again, as I have tons of other places and shows in the world I want to attend. But seriously, I can't imagine any other shows being arranged as well as this one.

Hope you enjoyed my very first article ever, my next one is most likely going to cover my visit to Japan and my experiences with the Japanese car culture I had earlier this year.

Have a nice day/night, take care!