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Visitng petrolhead Heaven - the opportunity of a lifetime and a bucket list trip.

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The famous Ferrari Gates. As far as pictures go here, yeah, this is as far as they go. Cameras are confiscated due to some "molto" secretive projects...

During my time in the gorgeous city of Rome, I had some pretty amazing opportunities to expand and grow my company,, into more of a global scene. I’m more than happy to announce that we now have over 100,000 fans on our social media pages (@exoticartalk) and are growing each and every day. You can say we love exotic cars - and we do - but you’d most likely fall short on understanding how MUCH we love them.

Because, well, I sort of love Ferrari.


Last November, I was invited by a few friends over at the Ferrari factory to come to Maranello for a private tour of the facilities. After I was invited, you can probably imagine the sort-of dumb and overally-happy smirk that had taken over my face for the next couple of days. I was so excited to finally have an opportunity to visit the factory. Because, well, I sort of love Ferrari.

As I was headed to northern Italy on my first bullet-train ride - going 250kph by the way (those things are crazy f**king quick) - I couldn't help but dream of the cars I wanted to see while I was there. Obviously, I thought of the LaFerrari. At that time, they were so recently released that I had never seen one in person before. I had been dreaming of the day I would be lucky enough to see it in person. I also really wanted to see some classics, and well, you know what I’m talking about. The F40, F50, a California, and maybe even an Enzo. The train ride went by in a blur as I fantasized about all of those glorious machines.

As I arrived in Maranello, I was greeted by the stunning site of the famous Ferrari Gate (featured above), which was the site of the roll-out of the very first Ferrari, the 125S, which took place in 1947.

I was in awe; it's a place I had always dreamed of visiting... A bucket list item, if you will.


When I walked into the gates, I was greeted by a man who introduced himself and asked if I was ready for the tour. While making sure I didn’t piss myself in excitement, I said, “Si! Andiamo adesso!” (in shitty American-accented Italian)

Let me start off by saying what I can about this place; it’s red. Very Red. So much of the famous Ferrari Red surrounds you that you begin to wonder if any other colors even exist. Also, you instantly notice that this is an automotive factory like no other. It’s extremely clean, and tidy. Which is a HUGE bonus for an OCD guy such as myself. There was no trash, lonely scrap metal, or dirty parts just laying around as you typically see in US automotive factories. They even had futuristic elevator-like smoking chambers for their workers that would rid the air of any smoke as they took their breaks.

So, yeah. It’s a clean place. Very clean.

The first building we visited was the engine manufacturing facility, then the interior facility, and lastly the full auto assembly line. Since it was a Saturday, we were sadly unable to see major production in action. However, the technology they have in there is unbelievable. The machinery is state-of-the-art and the robotic arms seem like they're straight out of a Bond film. To save you from terrible boredom, I’m not going to tell you exactly what the machines were like; but, I will say that the machinery and the strategy behind the assembly line is an art all in itself.

And not to mention, the lines of the car are just… oh my god…


As we were wondering around the factory at the end of our private tour, guess what we were lucky enough to see. Yup, the one and only... The Ferrari the Ferrari. It was a nera color (black) and was on its way to one lucky-a** customer.

As it drove by, it sounded like an angel from heaven (if angels had exhaust notes… you know what I mean) and was even more outrageously styled than I had ever imagined. In person, the car seemed like something sent back in time from the future, or space... You can tell that Ferrari took their time on this one. And not to mention, the lines of the car are just… oh my god…

Next, we saw another limited edition Prancing Horse, the 458 A (Aperta, Italian for open). It was yellow, which surprisingly, looked gorgeous. It had the irresistible blue and white stripe down the center. It was one of the very few that had still been in the factory. Unreal luck. We were told that these models were only for those who owned the LaFerrari at the time.

So, guys, yes. I highly recommend visiting that factory. It’s unbelievable if you’re a car nerd like me, and if you're still reading this, I'm sure you are.

A few days later, we came back and visited the museum. Here are some of our favorites from the displays.

I will be back with more stories of my car adventures from around the world. Thanks for reading. A dopo!

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