Volkswagen abandoned a whopping 70 Beetle replacements

The Beetle could have been a whole lot different had one of these concepts made it to production

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After producing more than 21.5 million, Volkswagen waved a teary-eyed goodbye to the Beetle. Now the German carmaker has revealed that it rejected 70 Beetle replacements over the car's lifespan.

The EA-47-12 prototype was the first potential Beetle replacement. Designed by Ghia, it had a 1.2-liter four-cylinder boxer air-cooled engine packing 30 horsepower coupled with a fully synchronized gearbox.

Then came the EA48 project which didn't share any parts with the Beetle. It had a McPherson-type suspension and a 0.7-liter engine which sent power to the front wheels.

The list of Beetle replacement also includes the EA128 prototype which could seat six passengers, the cute Type 3 Cabriolet, adoring EA97 and of course, the Mk1 Golf.

For those of you who don't know, VW quite nearly replaced the Beetle with the Mk1 Golf as the hatchback was deemed by many as the perfect Beetle successor. However, VW launched the Golf as a separate model and the rest is history.

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  • I kinda just want to have this all parked somewhere, recruit 70 random DT users and then go on a Le Mans start. First to reach Point B wins.

      9 days ago
  • I visited the VW museum in Wolfsburg, where all those prototypes are shown, some time ago. Here are my pictures:

      8 days ago
  • 👍

      9 days ago
  • Sorry mate but I'm feeling just a little gypped, where are pics of the rest? I count pics of about 10% of them. Maybe you could make an additional article on the rest of them?

      8 days ago
    • I'm looking for all of them; the ones here are from the official VW media site which I can use 😊

        6 days ago