Volkswagen confirms it will launch an all-electric assault on Pikes Peak in 2018

VW’s electric reinvention gathers pace with an all-electric racer to tackle the world’s most formidable hill climb.

3y ago

Volkswagen is continuing with its vision of becoming the world’s leading producer of electric cars by 2025 with this unnamed electric racecar built with one single purpose, to attack the mighty Pikes Peak hill climb in 2018.

This Pikes Peak hill climb has been run in the Rocky Mountains in Colorado since 1916. It is over 12.42 miles long with over 156 turns with the finish line at some 14,000 feet above sea level.

As usual with these reveals there is scant detail aside from the shadowy teaser image above. What we do know is that it will be all-wheel drive and as you can make out in the teaser, absolutely packed with masses of extreme aero bodywork. Dr Frank Welsch, VW’s board member for the brand's technical development, said:

"The Pikes Peak hill climb is one of the world’s most renowned car races. It poses an enormous challenge and is therefore perfectly suited to proving the capabilities of upcoming technologies. "

“Our electric racecar will be equipped with innovative battery and drive technology. The extreme stress test posed by Pikes Peak will give us important feedback that will benefit future development, and it will showcase our products and their technologies.”

Volkswagen will have to beat such electric powered weapons as the insane eO PP100 which ran the distance in just 8 minutes 57.1 seconds using no less than seven (yes, seven!?!) electric motors in the process.

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  • I love how everyone ignores how terrible all batteries are

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