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Volkswagen falls on Datsun

The visuals must've been disturbing for the bystanders

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Volkswagen's build quality is a testament to solidity. A VW owner myself, I don't have any further doubts on the quality or quantity of steel used in every VW (except the tailpipe). I believe, in a situation where a VW car falls down from a bridge, the passengers will walk off unscathed. And so they did, except not unscathed. But alive.

Just a couple of days ago, a man driving his Volkswagen Polo lost control over a right-hander, hurdled over the parapet of the newly opened Biodiversity Park flyover, falling on an auto-rickshaw stand beneath and killing a pedestrian.


As per the CCTV footage, the driver, identified as Krishna Milan Rao Kalvakuntla, was travelling with three other passengers. He supposedly failed to negotiate a sharp turn which lead the car to bounce off the flyover's wall, 'fly over' the flyover and crash roof-first 60ft onto a tree right beside a Nissan showroom present on the road beneath.

One can see the shadow of the car appearing on the road, seconds before the vehicle itself falls from the sky. A motorbike rider and pillion would be thankful to be riding slowly and hence, evading any involvement with the crash right before it happened. The same can be said about a walking pedestrian who stopped herself from walking straight into death as a signboard fell right before her tracks.


Police reports claim the driver has hurtling the car at 104kph (or 64mph) at the time of the accident. They believe it was this excess speed which got the better of the driver, leading the car to still travel straight into the parapet instead of the curved road and hence flying over it.

Fortunately, the passerby's' halted to help the people involved in the accident. They aided in removing the passengers from the car, and the people stuck amidst the branches of the tree which got uprooted due to the crash's impact. The passengers should be thankful for the airbags to have gotten deployed at the right time, saving them. All were taken to a nearby hospital.

Unfortunately, there was no such airbag for the pedestrian who lost her life in this accident. Police identified the pedestrian as P Satyaveni, a house-wife resident of Manikonda. She is said to have died on the spot due to the impact of the crash. Other bystanders comprising of the deceased's daughter Praneetha, auto driver Balaji Naik and engineering graduate K Kurba were fortunate enough to get away with just injuries.

As for the people in the car, the driver Milan is believed to have sustained significant injuries. A statement from the hospital said, "All the patients are haemodynamically stable and under close monitoring in ICU."

This is the second instance involving an accident since the Biodiversity Park flyover was opened on November 4th. The previous accident saw two youngsters getting killed differently. The police had to resort to shutting the bridge down after the CCTV footage of the crash went viral on social media.

But I believe, something's not right if you're a VW driver. Another incident took place more recently where a youngster is seen to have lost control of his Polo leading to a crash in a car park. Fortunately here, there were no bystanders and the passengers walked off unscathed. This should be taken as a sign of caution for all VW drivers. Wait, oh dear God.....


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