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Volkswagen India introduces leasing and flexible financing to keep sales afloat during COVID-19 pandemic

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Volkswagen enthusiasts, behold! If you've always wanted to own a VW (me too), but never thought about owning one for a long time, Volkswagen India has a solution. We all know how much we all miss our cars and the experience of buying new ones. But not everyone can afford a Polo or any VW for that matter. Volkswagen India has introduced an interesting pair of schemes for you and me. Keep scrolling to know more.

Volkswagen Secure

Volkswagen Secure

Volkswagen India has announced leasing and flexible financing to keep sales afloat amid COVID-19 pandemic. These schemes will be known as Volkswagen Secure and Power Lease. Volkswagen Secure will allow customers to purchase a Vento or Tiguan Allspace with flexible down payment and low EMI options, which also will include coverage for a tenure of three or four years depending upon the customer. Excellent.

Volkswagen Power Lease

Volkswagen Power Lease

Power Lease provides a broader range of vehicles to choose from. It is a 'pay-for-usage' which makes all models available for customers. Through the Volkswagen Power Lease customers can choose from all available BS-VI cars with zero down payment, low rental charges, insurance coverage and flexible maintenance options across a variable tenure period of two, three and four years. Even better.

Customers can choose between a wet or dry lease. Wet lease will cover all maintenance costs and buy back value of the car will remain the same as its market value. But dry lease will make the customer bear all of the maintenance costs and buy-back will be available only at a pre-determined value which may or may not result in a comparatively larger financial loss to the owner. Whew, I have to say a lot of thinking has gone behind creating these schemes.

If you are a person who likes to upgrade to another model after your mind feels that you've had enough of your current vehicle, or avail tax benefits you should opt for Power Lease. But if you would like to have a guaranteed residual value with assured buy-back, you should go for Volkswagen Secure. Also, as a part of VW Secure, you can have the option of retaining the car or upgrading to another model with refinancing options made available by Volkswagen Financial Services.

Both of these facilities have their target audience, pros and cons each. If I was asked to choose between these two, I would go for Power Lease. It makes sense for my lifestyle. Which one would you go for?

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