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  • A mate from uni and I had a road trip in his mums Panda 4x4 to see a third buddy in Cornwall.

    Before we left he said he had to get some oil as his dad had said the oil light was on.

    We duly stopped off at a garage to get some oil - duckhams or something. He emptied the lot into the engine and we set off

    As we hit the entry ramp to the M5 south at Almondsbury, Bristol, smoke started pouring out of the engine.

    We pulled over laughing nervously - and it seemed the engine was too full of oil and it was bubbling over and burning on the hot engine.

    Not having any recovery, knowing to call a transporter would be costly, and the need to get to Cornwall on time to meet our mate in the pub we decided to press on.

    We headed south bound with masses of smoke billowing out from under the bonnet until we got to Weston Super Mare, when it seemed to disappear and we realised it had reached an acceptable level.

    All the way there was a dense fog of smoke behind us and we weren’t overtaken by anything....

    I wonder to this day whether they actually closed the M5 behind us frantically searching for the car that was on fire...this was long before the days of sat nav.

    The Panda 4x4 performed admirably the rest of the trip and we had a blast in Cornwall.

      1 year ago
  • Panda because james drove one

      1 year ago
  • The Panda. In part because the Golf was never produced in right hand drive and I live in the UK, but also because the Panda is way cooler, especially in Siseley spec..

      1 year ago
  • Fiat is possibly my favourite for making dinky cars

      1 year ago
  • Panda. You shouldn't do that to a golf

      1 year ago