Volkswagen has 'not planned' a Golf GTi Clubsport S


26w ago

Just as Golf GTi lovers had started jumping on their sofas getting excited about at the arrival of the Clubsport, VW has confirmed that a Clubsport S is “not planned now”.

In an interview with Autocar, driving dynamics boss Karsten Schebsdat said that they have not planned a hardcore GTi Clubsport S for now. He has not given any specific reason for this.

The Mk8 GTi Clubsport has 296 horsepower but that doesn't make it as hardcore as the Mk7 Clubsport S, the Golf which still holds the trophy for being the most powerful Golf to date with 306 horsepower.

Limited to just 400 units, the Clubsport S became the fastest FWD car around the Nurburgring for a short span of time after the Civic Type R bettered the lap time set by VW's test driver Benny Leuchter. The Clubsport S still holds a special place in the hearts of hot hatch lovers and it's a real shame that we won't see a new Clubsport S.

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  • As much as I love the Golf I'm not a fan of the Clubsport S. Without practicality you're missing a fundamental part of the hot hatch moniker

      6 months ago