Volkswagen is gearing up to revive the iconic Samba bus

And there might be a non-electric version, too (maybe)

Volkswagen unveiled the quirky ID.Buzz concept at the 2017 NAIAS with a plan to launch an actual production version within a few years. As a spiritual successor to the iconic Samba bus, the ID.Buzz will likely inherit the 'Samba' nameplate and - this is the big news - there's actually a chance VW will also introduce a version that's powered by petrol, not electricity.

The ID.Buzz is built using VW's ubiquitous MEB platform, the same architecture that the German group has used (and will use) for most EVs, and it stands to reason that the final product will also be electric.

However, Volskwagen has recently trademarked several nameplates for their upcoming models - e-Beetle, e-Karmann, e-Golf and e-Thing - and they've also trademarked the name 'Samba', without the 'e' hyphen, indicating there might be two models in the plan: one electric Samba for Europe and North America, and maybe another ICE Samba for other markets as well.

Furthermore, the patent (filed on June 4, 2021), says it is "intended to cover the categories of automobiles; engines for land vehicles" and there's no mention of electric propulsion, which is unusual because VW makes a point of including that part in the description for its new trademarks/patents.

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Comments (6)

  • VW is slower than even Elon Time when it comes to turning ideas into reality. This electric VW van has been on the cards so long it'll be ready for a revamp as soon as it hits the showroom floor at the rate of promises currently being displayed. It pops out of the woodwork as a place-filler on every motor show display and grandiose promises of impending production is repeated endlessly. There aren't enough batteries or computer chips to fit to their current lineup, let alone another model, so settle down and put up with an electric MG estate car. It'll nearly fit the same amount of real-world stuff and costs WAY less to buy. You can always trade up when VW eventually starts selling this van thing... if nothing better has turned up in the intervening time from other manufacturers (like the Chinese).

      1 month ago
  • Definitely not in the US and probably not in Europe. The short front end proportions won't pass safety standards with an engine in there. They've already said the only reason it works as an EV is because they don't have to fill the front with an engine.

      1 month ago
  • we need to kill electric cars.

      1 month ago
  • They didn't kill the e-Golf with the ID 3 ?

    Do an ID Buzz with an ICE already exist : it's call the T7.

    Maybe they will do a special édition of the ID Buzz call Samba and the other e-name could be some concept car (I'm curious about the e-Karman, an EV Coupé, it doesn't really exist, except the hypercar)

      1 month ago
  • Sure they are…

    I was just saying, “I’ve been hearing this for 20 years.” I’ll believe it when i see it. And I don’t mean another concept- has to be a real production model that is completely finished. I don’t want to hear anything more about it till then.

      1 month ago