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Volkswagen is starting to unlock the potential of quantum computers

VW has been using them for various different things since 2016!

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The vast majority of us only know about Volkswagen for its cars and vans. That's pretty understandable, considering it is first and foremost an automaker. But VW has had its fingers in a lot of pies for a long time now. This has especially been the case ever since the dreaded 'dieselgate' scandal, where in the immediate aftermath the company took a drastic business decision to invest huge amounts of money in new technology. VW has such a huge interest in being a tech industry leader now, that it's taken a step into the relative unknown and decided to become an early adopter of one of the most esoteric pieces of technology known to man; quantum computers!

Quantum computers still sound very much like something from science fiction. However, when it comes to how things are with Volkswagen, the world of quantum computing is very much part of science fact. The German mega-company has been involved with the development of quantum computers in some way or another since 2016 and has implemented the technology into several different projects. These projects have included things to do with real-time traffic routing and improving the efficiency of the company in multiple different ways including making the paint shop more efficient, determining the best places to put public electric car chargers and even helping to set pricing for its vehicles!

"Everything we learn now can give us an advantage in the future," said Florian Neukart, director of Volkswagen Group Data, about the potential applications of quantum computing. "Some challenges and questions in fields like material science may only be solvable through quantum computing. In other areas, we can take a problem that might require a week of classical computing power and finish it in a day or less."

Whilst it might seem like a bit of an experimental flight of fancy to introduce quantum computing, it's not something that VW is doing just because it can. There is real substance behind VW's investment into and applications of quantum computing. "We're not interested in doing research for research's sake. We want to bring this technology into the real world," Neukart stressed.

As quantum computing becomes more widespread in due time, VW's early investment in and application of this technology could become a huge advantage down the line. Like so many new things in the automotive industry, we'll just have to wait and see how everything pans out...

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  • Volkswagen is my favorite auto manufacture. They have ambition, personality, care and awesome products.

      1 month ago
    • I disagree with the care bit, polluting 10x over the legal limit, and the daring to try it again

        1 month ago
    • Iā€™m all for green vehicles and being carbon neutral, just like Volkswagen is today. Hey those diesels were legit, so they engineered a bypass. Pretty smart. Anyway, I got a hell of a deal on my 2017 Golf gaser because of it. The past is the past,...

      Read more
        1 month ago
  • ...ok.

      1 month ago