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Volkswagen Joins The Race To Produce A $25,000 Electric Vehicle

Things are heating up between Tesla and Volkswagen. Project BEV versus Tesla's 4680 battery. The race has begun to the $25,000 EV.

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Has anyone ever noticed that a majority of vehicles on the road today are internal combustion? There's a reason for this, electric vehicles are currently quite expensive. The cheapest Tesla is currently $37,990 without potential savings. Volkswagen's ID.3 starts around $34,000 and isn't sold in the United States. One could currently purchase a Volkswagen Golf and Honda Fit for roughly the same price. However, Tesla and Volkswagen have acknowledged this reality and are currently working on more affordable electric vehicles. Tesla is currently designing a 4680 battery cell that they hope will be more efficient and cheaper to manufacture. This battery will correspond to a $25,000 Tesla within 3 years. Volkswagen has started project "small BEV" or small battery electric vehicle. What they plan to do is create a electric vehicle roughly the size of Volkswagen Polo that'll serve as the sub-compact to their ID.3. This vehicle is projected to start at $24,000 or $1,000 cheaper than Tesla's planned affordable vehicle. Europe is currently a battleground between the two companies. The Tesla Model 3 and the Volkswagen ID.3 are the contenders. Sales of the two have been rising and declining throughout the continent. These two new affordable vehicles could make or break these companies this decade. These two cars could transform the roads to make the majority electric or at least put internal combustion vehicles into a tailspin. This decade could be the transformation many has predicted. The success of these two electric vehicles perhaps will serve as the key, to unlock a new reality.

What do you think of Tesla's and Volkswagen's affordable vehicle plans? Feel free to comment down below. Cheers

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  • There are already loads of $25000 EVs if you ignore the economic sanction and buy from China.

      1 month ago
  • Technically, Tesla could be knocking out sub $10,000 cars right at this moment. The thing is, growing a manufacturing base from the ground up in an area of technology you have to literally invent as you proceed forwards is a very costly process. Tesla must earn its way towards building factories and distribution systems and a functional charging structure and really cheap cars are not the best way to get there quickly. They will appear, but not in the next year or so. I was pondering about these new mega-castings, one for the whole front and the other for the whole rear, that you attach the battery pack to (itself a structural member), then you clad it with outer panels, trim and electrics. Imagine if you ignore the structural battery pack for one moment and just join the two mega-castings together end to end... then make a floor pack of batteries that is smaller and lighter? Two doors, not four. One smaller, less powerful rear motor and whole body trim panels made of composite? I'd say that'd be an extremely effective way to make a car from what already exists. Conversely, using the same mega-casting technology, I see no reason why the entire structure could not be cast in one piece for a smaller, lighter, lower powered, slower car... like popping peas from a pod!

      1 month ago
    • Well, creating a simplified Tesla would create a more affordable car. However, the manufacturing process would remain high. Like you said, first they must build a solid infrastructure, factories, reputation and charging stations....

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        1 month ago
    • Musk has challenged the manufacturing process at a profound level. His mantra, "go back to first principles", really brings new thinking to traditional solutions. Tesla is making in the order of 20% clear profit from each car they sell. ...

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        1 month ago