Volkswagen resolves the plug point fight with this wall box charger

1w ago


With the advent of EVs, we might witness bigger fights over car chargers than drinking water. But Volkswagen doesn’t want people to fight over that. Hence, it has come up with an affordable yet attractive looking proposition - a range of wall box electric chargers called the ID charger range.

As you may have guessed it by now, the rollout of the ID charger range will coincide with the start of the company’s idea of an ‘electric car for everyone’, the ID.3. This charger range is said to be better than the usual domestic socket that can be found at homes and offers a charging capacity of up to 11 kW resulting in the charging speed to increase by five times. With prices starting at €399, the ID. Charger can top up an ID.3 with 58kWh battery in just 6 hours.

As the company estimates more than half of the car's charging will take place at home, it has planned to come out with three versions of it. Although the charging capacity remains the same throughout the range, what differs are certain digital functions.

ID. Charger

The most basic version of the range. Priced at €399, the wall box comes with a Type 2 cable and a charging capacity of up to 11 kW.

ID.Charger Connect

The mid-range variant introduces a couple of digital aids to the charging system. This variant wall box can be connected with the home network and the smartphone via WLAN or LAN. This provides users with the ease of monitoring the charging operation and further includes certain functions like app management, remote maintenance, access control via charging card and regular software updates. Prices for this one start at €599 with LTE connectivity being available as an optional extra.

ID.Charger Pro

The top-spec charging wall box goes on sale at €849. The additional premium gets you an integrated electric meter for precise billing per kilowatt-hour on top of the tech in the mid-spec variant along with LTE Connectivity with lifetime data costs included. Fruitful in spaces where the wall box charger will be used by the company car drivers and their employers.

The ID. Charger range is available for purchase via online or any Volkswagen dealership starting the end of November. Customers can even check the feasibility of the charger’s installation for their house online and free of charge. If your house is equipped with all the requirements, the company can arrange the installation and commission of the wall box charger by an expert as well.

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