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Volkswagen sold 250,000 "electrified" cars

The 250,000th car is an e-Golf

1y ago

It took Volkswagen almost seven years to sell 250,000 electrified cars. The latest was a white e-Golf delivered to a customer in Wolfsburg in December 2019. Volkswagen sold more than 70,000 electrified models last year compared to 50,000 in 2018. The increase is therefore strong and the brand expects to sell even more this year.

The main markets where demand was the strongest were China, Norway, Germany, the United Kingdom and the United States. But beware, because it's not just about electric cars. Electrified vehicles are about electric cars, but also hybrid cars.

Jurgen Stackmann, company’s board member for sales, marketing and after sales, says Volkswagen has taken a further step in the development of carbon-neutral mobility. He also argues that electric vehicles are more economical, more efficient than internal combustion vehicles and offer more interior space. Volkswagen is convinced that the future is electric.

The first electric Volkswagen was the e-Up! in 2013. It was joined by e-Golf and Golf GTE in 2014. The Passat GTE followed the next year. The e-Golf is currently the best-selling electric Volkswagen with 104,000 units delivered. The Golf GTE sold 51,000 units, the Passat GTE 42,000 units and the e-Up! 21,000 units. The ID.3 is now set to replace the e-Golf.

Photo credits Volkswagen

Photo credits Volkswagen

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  • Congrats. Toyota sold 14 million electrified cars already :D

      1 year ago
  • But have they developed a final solution globally for their diesel scandle?

      1 year ago
  • I.D.R. !!!!! Cheers to VDub

      1 year ago