Volkswagen T-Cross looks really good with GTI parts

Volkswagen baby sized cross-over wears the GTI bumpers with style.

T-Roc is the latest crossover from Volkswagen, it's aimed to be small and affordable with they yet un-announced prices starting from well below #20,000. The design is elegant but not particularly sporty. Here's where the X-Tomi Design, the talented artist didn't take long at all to come up with his interpretation of the T-Cross GTI.

It wears Polo GTI inspired body-kit and alloy wheels with quite the style, the headlight adopt the same red-line as those of Golf and Polo GTI. Combined with the lowered ride-height and GTI badges complete the look.

For now it's unlikely we will see a true T-Cross GTI, the current range topper is to be powered by a turbocharged 1.5 litre inline-4 sending 150hp to the front wheels.

A possible no T-Cross GTI could borrow heavily from the hot versions of the Polo, Audi A1 or even the upcoming Skoda Scala with which it shares the MQB A0 Platform. This means it could potentially receive the 2.0-litre engine from the Polo making a more healthy 200bhp. However as of now, there are no cars based on this platform that would come with AWD, however, it would be quite pointless given that an AWD T-Roc R is well on the way.

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Comments (3)

  • I think it should be an R, not a GTI. Save that for the hot hatches.

    But otherwise, the idea is very sound.

      3 years ago
  • I Agree with John....It would be better if it had R parts GTi is better suited for hatchbacks of VW

      3 years ago
  • Very well done

      3 years ago