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Volkswagen UK launches insurance which doesn't rinse you on renewal

3w ago


We've all been there, raging at your insurance company over the phone. Your policy was £655 last year, so why is it suddenly £865?? Insurance is a difficult and usually stressful thing for a majority of car owners, however Volkswagen Financial Services have just launched a new service to take the stress out of insurance.

"What is it then?"

The lovely people over at Volkswagen Financial Services (UK) have launched 3 year fixed term car insurance which is for new or used customers. Why is this good? No more searching around through comparison sites every single year on renewal. However, even though it's fixed for 3 years it doesn't mean you're tied to them for 3 years, the coverage is for 12 months at a time.

Who doesn't like the SQ2, seriously?

"Great, but I don't own a VW!"

Don't worry, as long as you own a VAG vehicle, you are eligible for this policy - so VW, SEAT, Skoda and Audi are all allowed. If you don't own a VAG car... then I'm afraid at this time the policy isn't for you - but who's to say it won't be in the future.

This is genuinely a first for a motor manufacturer, enabling lease customers to have real peace of mind during the ownership. Unless something changes over the three years (say a crash, points on your licence etc), the price stays at a fixed fee for the three years. As someone who's always had to fight for cheaper insurance, knowing this type of coverage exists is good to know.

Also, being a VW insurance - if anything happens to your car it will be fixed via the VAG brand-approved repairers using only genuine parts. No dodgy paint, no sketchy bumpers. Oh... and if an uninsured driver hits you, they've got your back too - protecting your NCB (no claims bonus) in the event of a naughty driver with no insurance smacking in to you.

The T-Cross has seriously nice alloys...

"This article is crap, why should I care about insurance? I'll move each year!"

If you think like the above, then the VW insurance isn't for you. I myself change companies almost every year, it's a huge fuss and makes my stress levels go through the roof for about a week. Whilst I expect the policy would be competitive, I don't doubt you'd find a cheaper provider else where. However paying slightly over the odds to have no stress for 3 years sounds like a pretty sweet deal to me, especially considering the fact that you're looked after by a big company. No third party claims company to be seen - it's Volkswagen through-and-through.

What do you think of this insurance coverage? Would you personally take it out?

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