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Volkswagen unveils sleek and stylish Tiguan concept

Meet the latest member of the "Volkswagen Enthusiast Fleet"

4w ago

If you want a fast, sleek and practical Volkswagen that the missus will approve of, you should probably wait for the upcoming Mk8 Golf R Estate. However, that has not stopped the German marque from creating a one-off Tiguan SE R-Line dubbed the "Black RiNo Concept". It's simply a lowered Tiguan with aftermarket accessories designed to catch the eye of both motoring and bike enthusiasts.

For starters, the concept itself is the brainchild of car collector Jamie Orr, who claims that the vehicle performs just as well on backroads as it does through city streets. Off-road ground clearance has been exchanged for a lower centre of gravity and improved handling. Gone are the standard alloys in favour of 20-inch Rotiform OZRs wrapped in 50mm wider, 285/35ZR20 Continental SportContact 5P tyres.

The front of the vehicle receives a splitter whilst the rear is treated with a stainless steel Borla exhaust, gloss black quad-tips and a Thule T1 bike rack. Meanwhile, the addition of aluminium side steps ensure that getting in and out of this family hauler is hassle-free.

Whilst all these subtle cosmetic changes add to the vehicle's stealthy appearance, the engine remains untouched. However, you will now be able to bring those 184 horses to a quicker halt thanks to larger, Forge Motorsport USA brake rotors and six-piston Big Brake Kit calipers.

The cabin now features a built-in air compressor for your bike, a custom CNC gear selector and VW's Dock & Hook Combination Base to hang your belongings. The Black RiNo Concept intends to retain some practicality and an OEM look, which has certainly has been achieved... well, minus the Rotiform wheels and the negative camber.

TLDR: It's a lowered Tiguan with some aftermarket cosmetics, bigger brakes and bike accessories.

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Comments (15)

  • So it's basically a fat Golf Esate with some modifications then.

      28 days ago
  • What’s the point in lowering the ride height of an SUV!!! Don’t buy an SUV!!!

      26 days ago
    • Exactly - just buy a wagon if you don't need the ground clearance.

        24 days ago
    • Exactly.

      Wagons are cool and I have one, ssshhh don’t tell too many people, let the lemmings follow each other and if one lemming jumps off a cliff, then let them all follow.

        24 days ago
  • lowered SUVs.....smh

      28 days ago
  • I think the words you were looking for are FAT and BULKY

      26 days ago
  • If they are going to promote the design and functionality of the vehicle maybe they could start by mounting on the bike in the correct fashion.... The bike is on backwards.

      26 days ago