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Volkswagen unveils the ID.6 electric SUV

Two versions and up to seven seats

3w ago

Volkswagen continues to develop its ID range at high speed in order to get a valuable lead over the competition, which is still slow to take off. The ID.6, a large seven-seater SUV, will soon join the ID family, which already includes the ID.3 compact car and the ID.4 crossover.

The new ID.6 will be available in two versions. The first is the ID.6 Crozz, which has an off-road character. It uses more raw plastic elements and has more prominent satin grey covers. The ID.6 Crozz also has a more bulbous look and a rear end with distinctive taillights.

The other version, the ID.6 X, is more conventional with a more modest ground clearance and a more sober overall style. In both cases, the ID.6 is a particularly imposing vehicle with a length of 4.88 m, a width of 1.85 m, a height of 1.68 m and above all a giant wheelbase of 2.97 m!

Unsurprisingly, the interior is based on the architecture of the ID.3 and ID.4, with a large touch screen and a small instrument cluster with the gear selector on the right-hand side. However, the interior is more premium, as evidenced by the presence of stitching on the door panels.

No information has been revealed concerning the equipment but the ID.6 should logically have the same technologies as its little brother, the ID.4, such as voice control and an augmented reality head-up display. On the technical side, the SUV hides two electric motors developing a choice of 180, 204 or 306 PS.

The torque will then vary between 220 or 310 Nm depending on the version chosen. The ID.6 will be equipped with two batteries. The first has a capacity of 58 kWh for a range of 271 mi (436 km) and the second has 77 kWh for a range of 365 mi (588 km). In both cases, the figures are based on the NEDC cycle.

The new Volkswagen ID.6 will be produced and sold in China. There are no plans to market it in Europe or the USA at the moment.

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Comments (20)

  • I'm trying real hard not to be unreasonable anti-EV troll... Times are changing, our oldies will always be here, these are probably nice to drive...

    But, the hype I had waiting for some new model, the specs, the design, special versions, etc...is gone. These interest me zero to nothing, they're all the same... For me, it's like reading about a new Huawei or Samsung phone, bunch of boring processor facts, memory, OS version... Boring as hell.

      24 days ago
  • I despise SUVs and this hasn't helped their case at all

      24 days ago
  • Another bland MPV!

    Where is the iD Buzz?

      24 days ago
  • I won't believe it will seat 7 until I see the third row legroom. Lots of companies today throw a third row in the storage space without any legroom (Model Y).

      24 days ago
  • Now that would fit my needs and priorities. Yet I cannot understand why they won't put bigger battery pack inside. 77 kWh is ok, but it's a big and tall vehicle, they can surely fit 100 kWh inside, especially considering that VW does take the front trunk space for gubbins. Is there a platform limitation that VW won't disclose?

      24 days ago
    • My guess is that it’s to do with cost saving as it’s for the Chinese market only at the moment. If, or as I suspect when, they decide to market it in Europe and the USA, I expect they’ll add a 100kWh option. At a premium of course.

      It’s a bit big for...

      Read more
        24 days ago