Volkswagen was very serious about buying Alfa Romeo

S​tellantis CEO Carlos Tavares recently revealed that former VW boss Ferdinand Piech wanted to buy Alfa Romeo.

5w ago

B​oth Volkswagen and Alfa Romeo would have befitted from the deal. VW would get to be in charge of another famous brand and Alfa Romeo would benefit from VW’s resources.

P​iech never tried to keep his ambition a secret. For instance back in 2011, he publicly said that Alfa Romeo could perhaps be run by Porsche. Although Piech was no longer CEO in 2018, he asked the then VW boss Herbert Diess to see if Alfa Romeo was for sale. Diess did just that and unfortunately for Piech, Alfa Romeo was not for sale.

D​espite VW not buying Alfa Romeo and no longer having the intentions of doing so, many still wonder if Alfa Romeo would be more successful with under VW’s management. Afterall, companies such as Lamborghini have flourished because of VW.

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Comments (35)

  • Shame, I think Alfa Romeo would be better off under VW leadership.

      1 month ago
  • Thank god. They would’ve ended up being Passats and Golfs with a fancy interior

      1 month ago
    • Yeah, except Stellantis will run this into the ground then probably sell them off for a fraction of what VW would have offered. Then who will be making Giulias? Saab? TVR? Holden?

        1 month ago
    • Stellantis have put one of the formerly top Peugeot executive in charge of Alfa. They also have given them 5 years to sort themselves out (if they didn’t care they’d just kill them off). Also when was the last time a marque died under PSA? It...

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        1 month ago
  • It may be the only thing to save this storied marque because the quality of the product isn’t going to cut it.

    Haven’t met one owner who’s happy about the ownership experience.

      1 month ago
  • Italian brands have historically been incapable of growing when they aren't managed by a 'strongman' figure. VW, on the other hand, plays a different game and you can see the result: they practically (re)invented Cupra, and brands like Skoda and Seat - nowhere as powerful and evocative as Alfa - have been prospering under VW leadership. I truly hope Stellantis successfully manages to turn Alfa around so we can finally forget how (comically) and astonishingly badly one of the most beloved brands in the world has been run for so many years

      1 month ago
  • Maybe they should. Alfa Romeo would benefit from VW monetary injection and the more reliability experience. But sure it would run the risk of being absorbed into the VAG global platform business methodology and worst case scenario Alfas would be Golf/Passat platforms with fancy bodies.

      1 month ago