Volkswagen's 300 MPG car

T​he ultimate efficient cruiser

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T​oday, Volkswagen's scars are healing after Dieselgate, customers who were hurt by the emissions cheating scandal are still healing. Volkswagen are always going to be known for Dieselgate. That is a fact. Now I like Volkswagen, from sensible cars like the Golf, to some pretty incredible cars like the Phaeton, but none of these can compare to the Volkswagen XL1, which was a tour de force in engineering.

S​o, you may be thinking "What is the XL1?" that is a very good question, it was a car that could shock the Prius lovers who had a pretty penny lying around. It was an incredible car which could reach 0.9l/100km, or in UK terms anyway, nearly 315 MPG!

T​his was quite a strange car, it was a 800cc 2-cylinder diesel hybrid, which was a 2 seater. It also had a 27bhp electric motor and batteries. And it had some of the coolest doors fitted to a small car. It weight 3/4ths of a ton. It didn't even need a grille, it had almost fins that opened when the engine got too hot.

N​ow you may be wondering "Why don't I see these everywhere?" that is a good question, but it was expensive for what you got. You see, the XL1 cost a whopping £100,000 and you had to put well over £15,000 down to even get your hands on one. This meant it was made for the few, not the many.

I​n 2016, the XL1 came to an end, only 200 were ever sold, making it an incredibly rare and cool car. It was quite a boring and unpractical car and if you had that sort of money you'd buy a Porsche or powerful Merc. Something that didn't have a Volkswagen badge on the boot lid. Although it was efficient and had low C02 emissions, Dieselgate had a dodgy effect.

A​lso, the XL1's economy was too good to be true, the figures were maybe slightly smudged as to achieve the near 315 mpg or 0.9l/100km you'd have to charge the car every 50 odd miles, which really isn't very realistic, although if you drove around 50 miles a day, you could happily hit the figures.

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Comments (4)

  • It looks awesome too.

      1 month ago
    • It really does! Shame it cost so much and more weren’t made.

        1 month ago
    • Maybe in the near future we will get more cars like this available for the general public.

        1 month ago