Volkswagen's New ID Lineup Will Only Be Sold Online.

Volkswagen has announced their new electric vehicles won't be sold at dealerships. However, they're still part of the process.

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The News

Volkswagen has been developing a new lineup of electric vehicles featured with "ID" badges. These new vehicles are the beginning of a new era of Volkswagen. Volkswagen has recently announced these will only be available online. This new system will allow customers to purchase their vehicles at a non-negotiable sticker price. This will help both the customers and Volkswagen. The new vehicles won't have any dealership markups and Volkswagen will be able to produce the correct number of vehicles. Naturally, this prevents any leftover stock. The dealerships will still schedule test drives and possibly help clients order an ID if they're unfamiliar with online car acquires. Volkswagen dealers will still get a standard commission rate.

"Drive Bigger"

The news follows Volkswagen's new goal of creating a completely carbon free vehicle lineup. They've been working hard to be competitive in the electric vehicle market and have been working with Ford to help develop this new technology. The new ID lineup will follow a similar process that Tesla has put into place with some key differences. Tesla delivers their cars directly to the customer and Volkswagen will allow customers pick a dealer of their choice for local pickup of their new vehicle.

What you think of this Volkswagen's new process? Will all their vehicles soon be sold this way? Feel free to comment down below, thanks for reading.

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  • Great idea, bring it on

      11 days ago
  • Non-negotiable price for a VW?

    I would understand if it was Rolls Royce.

      15 days ago