Voltswagen: Das Scherz

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16w ago

Last night I was reading my collection of Jeremy Clarkson books. All 6 of them are basically the same, they're a collection of Jezza's entries in the old Top Gear Magazine, The Sunday Times and some other newspapers. And I got inspiration for this little series of Articles written by me and hopefully you will get something interesting out of them. WARNING: Article budget doesn't exceed 23Ÿ. (which is only 27 cents by the way). I always like writing, I've always been baffled by those who don't have the same love for writing as me. Ever since I was young (aged 7 or 8), I've always had fun getting on a roll and just talking about whatever. Whether this be a story or a rambling. Anyway let me talk about what is going on in the car world, and because it is currently high in the trending tabs let me brief you on a failed attempt of German humour.

And now the Germans who are in charge of one of the biggest car companies in the world, are trying to say "Look here wvrest of zee verld. You have vhat you call Apvril Vools Dzay too Ja." And even with all that German know how of simply looking at a calendar. They still couldn't get it right.

If you don't know what I'm talking about, you've been living under a sound proof rock for the last 4 days, or have just maybe been in a coma for the last 3 and are just finding out now. Anyway, Volkswagen decided to pull a simple April fools joke on us, which can't be too hard right. I mean there are hundreds of large companies who get in on the fun every year. But not quite like this. For a starters, the joke was that they are changing their name to Voltswagen. Which really must have had the board members rolling out of their chairs when the young Frtiz came up with the idea. However, whilst the idea was good on paper, it didn't work on the internet.

You see some jobsworth decided to realise or leak the joke two days early on March the 30th which was done, which was done for the same reason's Hitler chose not to be awoken on D day. The young Volkswagen staff refused to tell the chairman, simply because "Zee Cooler" would be their's for the next 40 days. Or the man who had it leaked simply couldn't take the shame of disobeying a direct order and chose the honourable way out by taking his cyanide pill that al German employees carry around just in case of imminent failure. And before you could say "Heinz! Vhat have you done?!" The world was aware of either the automobile manufactures plan. Or the fact that they had forgotten to look at their calendar. Either was possible but, one was likely.

Twitter went to this like a dog to a bone and it was discovered by Volkswagen who decided to come clean and confess their crimes. (Last WWII reference... I think) They then said it outright, and played it off like a joke. 2 days early, before coming clean on 1st of April.

And let's be honest here, did anyone actually believe that they would? I certainly didn't. It was too close to April 1st to be true. And it was also not what a car company would do. And I know that Bloomberg is going ape right now for "Oh they shouldn't do this as it will affect the stock prices of VW and that VW have taken all the fun and credibility away from April Fools Day and big time companies. But I would just like to say one thing that nobody is noticing. At least the Germans tried to show us their sense of humour... And sadly just like the new Berlin Airport. It failed and flopped so hard. That it became a joke in itself. Which is really quite remarkable.

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