Volvo P1800s Custom

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A long time ago in a Kinjablog far far away.......I was traded a Volvo P1800 from matchbox. I can't remember who exactly sent me this gem, seems like a Pixel trade to me but I can't be sure.

Anyway, I've had this for a year or two now, half the time has been stock, the other half has been spent in a dimebag on my craft tray drilled and awaiting a new life. Here is what it looked like as delivered (not my image). The gorgeous teal paint wasn't perfect, some scuffs and a small chip or two, but overall good condition.

I thought it needed a bit of work, the wide steelies looked a bit truckish in proportion in person. Also, the gorgeous curves needed some highlighting. When I took it apart, I also polished the glass and cleaned some of the interior.

I gave it some larger steelies and a low stance. For the trim, I actually used a file to take the paint off for a consistent appearance and real metallic hue. I left the stock lights and grill, whle adding some rears. Looks like in this picture, the LED light I used and my phone (Pixel 3) didn't agree.

I paint matched the wheels and bumpers in primer because, I wanted to.Added some plates and was done. The interior is painted too but, you can't see it from the outside really so that'll just be for me.

Playing with some color.

Hope you enjoyed! This was a good start back into the custom scene since it wasn't too much work. I really enjoy customs and will probably popping some out from time to time, but not too consistently.

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Comments (3)

  • Oh dang, I need this on my life. If you ever want to give it up drop me a line 👌

      8 months ago
  • Love the customizing Nate! It looks like a prime candidate for a chop top.

      8 months ago
  • I got this model before but change my mind and returned it but your custom made it really appealing now.

      8 months ago