- James Moffat at Adelaide Clipsal 500 in 2016 season ( Photo Credits : http://www.appliedccm.com )


At the beginning of 2010, Volvo's management wanted to engage in several events dedicated exclusively to the Turismo cars to better advertise their cars.

The Australian Supercars Championship was one of the available options to achieved this goal. and in 2014 Volvo partecipated with a competition variant of its second generation S60.

The standard variant of the S60 Mk II ( Photo Credits : www.blogcdn.com )

The structure of the car was based on a frame reinforced with a roll-bar placed around the driver's seat, which sat centrally in the middle. This configuration was chosen to better protect the driver in case of a side impact. Also, in order to avoid fires caused by rear impacts, the fuel tank was moved in front of the rearmost axle.

The interior ( Photo Credits : www.paultan.org )

The design of the S60 was extremely refined with the introduction of a new aerodynamic body kit while the engine at the base of the vehicle was a Yamaha B8444S V8 5.0 controled by a six-speed sequential gearbox. Capable of 650 hp, the engine was able to propel the vehicle to a maximum speed of 298 km / h with acceleration from 0 to 100 km / h in 3.2 seconds.

The Yamaha B8444S engine ( Photo Credits : www.performancedrive.com )

The braking system consisting of four disc brakes made by AP Racing and the wheels composed of Rimstock 18-inch sports wheels wrapped in Dunlop race tires closed the mechanical frame.

The Rimstock whells ( Photo Credits : www.paultan.org )

Under the stupervision of the Garry Rogers Motorsport team , this Volvo had a good success with the new Zealander driver Scott McLaughlin, who ranked fifth in the final standings with four wins, two seconds and two third places.

Scott McLaughlin, main driver of Garry Rogers Motorsport ( Photo Credits : www.cdn.motor1.com )

The 2015 season had stingy results with only three seconds and two third places, while the following of 2016 got better with McLaughlin's third place final rank with two wins, three seconds and three third places.

Unfortunately, the Swedish company did not consider the results satisfactory enough and decided eventually to withdraw their cars at the end of the season.

Promotional Video of S60 V8 Supercar

Tribute video of S60 V8 Supercar

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