The world isn't black and white.

    Volvo is way more than you might think...

    VOLVO TILL VALHALL (VTV) celebrates the many shades and colors of Volvo and it is time to bring it to the next level.


    This image film was created to celebrate the updated VTV, but is also a little love letter to Volvo.


    There is power in the name VOLVO TILL VALHALL, can you feel it? It's a perfect expression of what I feel for Volvo, and maybe you feel the same. I have always said that I'm a fan of many different car manufacturers and I admire many different cars - heck, nearly everything with wheels turns my head. No the world isn't black and white, especially not when it comes to cars, but at the end of the day, there is always one constant in my petrolhead's head - Volvo.

    Since Valhall (also Valhalla, Walhall, Walhalla, Valhöll) is the legendary hall of Odin in Norse mythology where the fallen warriors come to their final rest, the Tribe's name basically means Volvo until death. I'm not at all a religious person and although I am very interested in mythology in general (from an Atheist's perspective) the only reason why I'm referring to it is because Volvo does it too:

    Thor's hammer. Image by Volvo Cars

    Thor's hammer. Image by Volvo Cars

    Therefore I find this, and please excuse me for being overly proud of myself here, a brilliantly subtextual connection of this Tribe and Volvo. Beyond that, the name can be read both in English and in Swedish! ;)

    In this context you can look at the phrase VOLVO TILL VALHALL as an epic declaration of love, but it's also exaggerated in a nearly comical way, with a sarcastic undertone that makes clear I am or we as VTV are very aware of the fact that Volvo, as different as they are from the rest, are one of many great brands in the business.

    And this is also what I have tried to bring you with my posts over the last months and will continue to do. Which means if you have liked VTV so far, I'm glad to tell you that you will like this tribe even more in the future. It's basically the same, but completely different.


    The new Logo of our tribe is as strong in character as its name, and in fact it visualizes it's name. Read from left to right (as you would normally do...) the VTV lettering begins with the black V on the white background, symbolizing the world of the living. But slowly the lettering enters the black part as the T is already standing with one foot in the world of the dead, the world of the old Norse gods, the hall of the fallen heroes - Valhall. Which the white V on the black background stands for. And that's how the logo can quite literally be read as VOLVO TILL VALHALL :)

    And why is it diagonally separated? That's why:

    Then there's the two colored frame, mirroring the colors from the inside of the logo and playing with your mind. Depending on the background you always see one half of it very clearly, while the other half is invisible, looking like there's nothing at all, and sometimes it's the other way around. This inspires your fantasy and reminds you of the fact that there is often more than you see at the first sight. This open appearance is also a visualization of a key value of VOLVO TILL VALHALL: the Tribe was and will stay open for any Volvo owner, lover, appreciator, fan, etc. to post in!

    Overall the black and white theme stands for two different things. On the one hand it's clearly referring to Drivetribe and on the other hand it's an expression of the same sarcastic undertone the title has - an ironical reminder that the world is in fact not black and white.


    And not just any image, but the one you choose! At the end of every month you will have the chance to vote for your favorite image out of three options, the winning picture will be the VOLVO TILL VALHALL - Tribe background image for the following month!

    And since December is just around the corner, you will get to choose the first image tomorrow!

    (little note: I always mean the Vienna time zone, in case you care)


    Well alright, not completely new, just shortened (old one: truly global. open minded. made by people. fueled by love.) - but for a very good reason. Firstly and most importantly, this does not mean the tribe suddenly somehow isn't truly global anymore or we as VOLVO TILL VALHALL aren't valuing open mindedness as much as before, quite the opposite is the case!

    There are too many such phrases or mottos we'd surely all agree on and that are therefore defining for us as a community. So there would be always something we haven't mentioned, which would make me sick!

    "made by people." is a slogan used by Volvo. It's a symbol of our closeness and solidarity with Volvo to use this for the Tribe as well. But this also means that again, this is an open Tribe - open for every Volvo lover on Drivetribe to post high quality content in! Together we are the heart of VTV. Where the first half of the slogan is a bit cryptical in this respect, the second half, "fuelled by love." is a very clear expression of our passion, for love is the blood we're pumping through this Tribe!

    MORE CLARITY. Introducing the VTV - REALMS.

    300 members, over 2.900 bumps and more than 200.000 views - all in under six months. This Tribe deserves some color!


    Party till Valhall.

    The Realms are the eight broadly based topics you can find on VOLVO TILL VALHALL, covering the whole world of Volvo:

    Volvo cars (all the modern era cars from Volvo), Corporation and group (the corporate world of Volvo, general stuff and other brands within the Volvo group), Heritage (the classic Volvos), Roots (Scandinavian culture, design and lifestyle), Polestar (everything about Volvo's performance brand), Lynk & Co (Volvo's and Geely's innovative new car brand), Volvo and me (personal testemonies of my obsession with Volvo), Fandom (well that one is best described with: Volvo forever!) - you'll notice which is which and what the individual contents are!

    The ninth Realm, the black and white one, is a reminder of what are the most important posts of all, which are of course the posts of the VTV community!

    There will be a Realm-site for each year that will get constantly filled and where you can always find the best posts of the VTV - Realms. There will be a link to this site on the very end of every new post that's featured in the Realm-site from now on (some won't be in there like for example memes, other one-picture-posts or very temporarily relevant information).

    This way you can go back to older posts way more easily! Every Realm has it's own symbol in a distinct color you will find on the top left of the title images on original VTV articles. Here's an example of what could be a title image of an article within the Volvo cars - Realm:

    By the way, the Realm-site for 2018 has just been posted! Have a look:



    Well not more in the sense of amount, but more like there's already as always some awesome stuff on the way.

    Starting early 2019, there will also be different series of articles within the Realms. The first two of which I can already announce. We will kick off the next year with a journey through time to discover the Volvo concept cars since 1933. And presumably in the middle of 2019 we will begin a half-scientific expedition to explore Volvo's roots in Scandinavian culture with a specific focus on design.

    See, at the latest when there are more than 3 related posts of a specific topic, the Realm-site will slowly become something like a really useful Volvo wiki!

    The other big thing will be the dedicated VOLVO TILL VALHALL YouTube channel, where I will also try something completely new for me personally - filming myself.

    Me swallowing bitterness after take 2584.

    Me swallowing bitterness after take 2584.

    You may have noticed that the VTV image film on top is already a link from the channel. But here's one important information regarding this YouTube channel right beforehand, it serves the primary purpose of a supporting video platform to the VTV Tribe here on Drivetribe, so Drivetribe will stay the home of VOLVO TILL VALHALL - YouTube is basically just a contributing video storage.

    Cheers to you! ❤️

    At last I want to say thank you to all members, bumpers and viewers and to the Drivetribe-Team for the great start we had together with this little Tribe and I'm already looking forward to all the great times we will certainly have here in the future!

    Join us! Because Volvo.


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    Comments (4)

    • Very professional!

        1 year ago
    • "Party Till Valhall" made me laugh the most 😂

      All those interpretations are truly philosophical (and that's great because they should be)

      Every new feature is simple, practical and meaningfull at the same time; Volvo managment would be proud 😀

      Best wishes as always!

        1 year ago
      • Hey thank‘s! It made me laugh also when I was making it 😂 It‘s very interesting and fun to create all of this but it‘s also hard work. So obviously I‘m really happy you like it!

          1 year ago
      • I can imagine how much work all of this requires, the more we appreciate it😉

          1 year ago


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