Volvo Tundra (1979)

Bertone designer Marcello Gandini drew the Tundra to give Volvo an escape rope out of the boxy, angular design language it was stuck in. Today, it looks a lot like the Citroรซn BX. At the time, it was a highly forward-thinking design with styling cues that accurately previewed the trends of the 1980s. Volvo officials considered Bertoneโ€™s proposal as they began the long process of replacing the 340-series, but they ultimately turned it down, allegedly because its lines werenโ€™t conservative enough and they feared it would be difficult to sell. Gandini fine-tuned the Tundra into the BX, which arrived in 1982. Meanwhile, Volvo began thinking outside the box (quite literally) when it introduced the 480.

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