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Volvo V70 turned into an Imperial Star Destroyer listed for sale in New Zealand

If you've been looking for the right car to chase down rebel scum in, this incredibly unique Volvo is the car for you.

38w ago

If you're a member of the Rebel Alliance resistance looking for a new daily driver, I think I've found the right car for you – the most unique Volvo V70 XC you'll probably ever see in your life is currently for sale on Facebook Marketplace, and this build, it's safe to say, is unlike any other I've ever seen before.

Located near Christchurch, New Zealand, this particular V70 has been turned into a "somewhat to scale" road-going replica of an Imperial Star Destroyer from the Star Wars franchise.

Featuring turbolasers and hyperdrive to help you chase down rebel scum, the V70 – which now measures in at nine metres in length and four metres in width – is noted by the seller to have "sustained a direct hit from a X-Wing to one of the shield domes and some hits to the general body from an asteroid field," although it all looks pretty straight for the most part.

This particular Imperial Star Destroyer is noted as featuring a sub-warp engine, that being Volvo's 2.4-litre turbocharged inline-five, rather than the more typical arrangement of seven Cygnus Spaceworks Gemon-4 ion engine units.

However, the seller does note that the engine is unfortunately non-functional and only useful for parts due to having lost all compression as the result of head gasket failure – perhaps not surprising given all of the entrances for air to enter through the front of the V70 at the core of this ship are completely covered up.

Noting that it's for sale both as an entire car or simply as parts due to its ruined engine, the V70 is billed as being "the ultimate playhouse or birthday gift for a Star Wars-loving friend," assuming they don't mind their friends gifting them non-running car– I mean, Galactic Empire aircraft.

No particular asking price is actually mentioned on the Facebook Marketplace listing, although I'd expect it'll offer a substantial saving compared to the usual asking price of 150,000,000 credits.

Now, let me know in the comments – if you were in the market for a daily driver to hunt down rebels in, would you choose this V70?

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Comments (35)

  • The force is strong in this one.

      8 months ago
  • That's a long nose boy

      8 months ago
  • Interesting.......... could you really drive around in that without people thinking your a complete tool!! (Tool aka di*khead, douche, idiot)

    If you could then you you clearly don’t know that you are the tool!

      8 months ago
    • This was part of a fundraiser event for kids with cancer.

        8 months ago
    • Don’t tell me things like that making me feel bad now.

      Anyway, I’m sure it did it’s job, now time to take off all the crap.

        8 months ago
  • Will it fly?

      8 months ago
  • It’s a trap!

      8 months ago