Volvo will boldly do what none has ever done before at a motor show

After Volvo's cryptic teaser on Facebook about their plans for the LA motor show, we know now what they are up to:

The Volvo stand will not contain any car.

Not a single vehicle will be placed on Volvo's official fair stand. Instead, they will erect a rotating sculpture which will contain the words "THIS IS NOT A CAR".

The sculpture is inspired by René Magritte's "This is not a pipe".

But why does Volvo refuse to present any car?

The official name for the opening event in Los Angeles is "Automobility LA". Volvo has seen this naming as an indication for what it is all about. And that is not cars in the first place.

As Volvo puts it, the experience of a car brand has become more important than the car itself. "Instead of bringing a concept car, we talk about the concept of a car", said Mårten Levenstam, responsible for product strategy at Volvo Cars

At their stand in LA, Volvo will concentrate on interactive demonstrations of connectivity services, their partnerships with Google and Amazon, car sharing, its vision of autonomous driving, and about their customer subscription service Car by Volvo.

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CEO Håkan Samuelsson explains that Volvo wants to bring the mobility to consumers not just by selling a car but by providing a diverse service. Cars have turned into a mobility concept and the company is keen to discuss topics beyond the physical car as such.

By not displaying any cars, people should be able to focus on what is most important for Volvo and not be distracted by chrome, leather or horsepower. Because as Volvo claims, "it is a mobility show, not a car show".

If this plan will succeed, we will see next week when the LA motor show will open its doors.

Do you like the unique concept of Volvo presenting their company at the LA show?

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