- 2​021/22 Volvo XC50

​Volvo XC50 coming up?

A​ sleeker "coupe" version of the XC40. Or a new Polestar?

1y ago

I​f so, it would compete directly with the new Audi Q3 Sportback. Or, it could become the new Polestar 3. Since, basically, the car that was supposed to be the S90 Coupe (C90?) became the Polestar 1. And the redesigned S40 became the Polestar 2.

T​he Polestar 3 is supposed to be a compact electric SUV. But the Electric XC40 just came out. Which means Polestar does need a new design. Could it be something like this?

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  • The render looks good!

      1 year ago