- Last Month's Winner - Racing Through The Night - Hugo Prosser


You submitted photos for the chance to be the header image, now its time to vote for the best one!

Here are my favourite 3 entries in no particular order, I am giving you until the end of the month to vote for your favourite of these to become the header image for January!

1​. GTi Roadster Signage - Bob Simmons

2​. Rock - Tim Lusted

3​. The Underdog - Austin Merten

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Comments (6)

  • Wait wait what? It's seriously the end of the decade already? Wow. I like Tim's photo the most by the way.

      1 year ago
  • can you please let me know when you’re putting one of my images in an article I’d rather give permission to my images in articles

      1 year ago
    • Sorry, I assumed permission was given when your photo was entered. It does say in that article that I’ll post 3 entries for a vote.

        1 year ago
  • I obviously had to vote for myself

      1 year ago