Vote: You've got £40k. What car(s) do you buy?

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I spent a week in a Ford Mustang V8 Fastback recently. It got me to thinking about what I'd buy if I had £40,000 to spend on a car. Or possibly cars.

Now, the Mustang is oozing with all kinds of appeal. I'm a bit besotted with the way it looks, and of course I love the way it sounds. I love the smugness you feel when you see a German equivalent and know how much money you've saved for equivalent performance.

I love the fact that you can actually get four people and a useful amount of luggage in it. And I love the fact that it handles with reasonable panache even on UK roads. Finally, I love the fact that you can easily do cheeky, low-speed drifts in it without fear of impending insurance claims.

I also love the fact that Ford made the below, highly amusing video when the car launched in 2015. Check out the man who claims to be a ninja...

We'll put up a full review of the Ford Mustang V8 next week, but would I spend my £40k on it? In truth, no. I have to say I would buy a few used cars. First I'd pick up an R107 Mercedes SL 500 (maybe not in this colour combination), because I've always wanted one and I think it's a great investment. Here goes my first £20k:

Then this for the everyday stuff. Another of my all-time, enduring favourites. So goes another £15k:

Then something cheap and cheerful for track use and grass roots motor sport, and with a bit of spare cash left over to give it more power. And no, it's not an MX-5. I always rated the Toyota MR2 Mk3 over the MX-5, hence why I bought one a few years back. Superb handling. Great reliability. A lot of car for the money.

Enough of my choices. Would you go for a new car, maybe even the Ford Mustang? I can really see why you would, given how achingly appealing it is. Vote in our poll, and let us know the specifics of your £40k garage in the comments below.

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  • With all of that money I'd buy an old e34 and car parts. Then spend the rest in tools so I can work on it by myself

    2 years ago
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  • BMW M235i and some Dinan performance parts to go with it.

    2 years ago
    3 Bumps


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