VRT could rise on new cars in Ireland.

It could come into force as early as next year.

As early as next Janurary the price of a new car in Ireland could rise as much as 1,000 euro, under the goverments proposed overhaul of the Vechicle Registration Tax, ahead of this years budget due to take place soon.

The Irish government have said that buyers of newer cars with what they call 'average' or 'above average' emissions should have to pay more tax, this is in order to push people towards more eco friendly cars.

This new tax shake up is in a special tax strategy group with insiders in the motor industry warning that it could increase the cost of new cars by 1,000euro for an average family car. The TSG group also propose to increase the VRT bands from 11 to 20. If this new tax is inforced it would reduce road tax for EV's from 120 to 100 euros.

What do you think about this new VRT tax? Would it entice you to buy an electric vehicle?

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