VW brings a new concept car to the US and it's pretty cool

VW unveiled the ID.3 at the 2019 Frankfurt Auto Show. The new all-electric hatchback is going to play a crucial role in Europe in the upcoming years but VW is actually going to introduce different ID cars for the North American market before the ID.3. And that's good news because they're both very cool.

VW is going to introduce the production version of the ID. Crozz concept in the next few months and in the meantime, the German carmaker has brought something else to the US, a new all-electric concept car which is going to be unveiled at the Petersen Automotive Museum in LA ahead of the LA Auto Show, taking place in Los Angeles Nov 22 - Dec 2. The car will be featured in an interactive exhibit called "Building an Electric Future", during a private event on November 19, and it is then going to be showcased to the public starting November 20.

Klauss Bischoff, Executive Director of VW Design, said that "this amazing exhibit is the best way to welcome our newest member of the ID. family". The company hasn't actually released any details about the mysterious concept but it did include teaser pictures of the ID Vizzion introduced at the Geneva Motor Show last year so maybe, and hopefully, it is going to look more or less like that.

The exhibit will also introduce the new modular electric drive platform which is going to be utilized for several upcoming vehicles. Along with the new concept car, VW will also bring the Crozz, Roomzz, Buzz Cargo and ID Buggy concepts.

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Comments (27)
  • Blah blah blah it’s always a “concept” or a “prototype”. Bring a production car or just STFU already.

    9 days ago
    11 Bumps
    • Lol have you seen the concepts for the Taycan (Mission E) and the ID.3? They’re basically the exact same cars from concept to production. If so many people approve of the looks, I...

      Read more
      9 days ago
      4 Bumps
    • There are concept or a prototype cars for marketing, to look at consumer demands or to show future direction of the brand. Besides, VW group comes out with new production cars every...

      Read more
      8 days ago
      1 Bump
  • I bet the range is incredible because we all know how accurate VW is with their calculations if there is a number they “want to hit”.

    9 days ago
    6 Bumps


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