VW bug is the eternal car with Grand Spirit from the Space

What is the very first bug in the world? It looked like a cosmos of the future, present and past. And only after a while he "landed himself". "Porsche 64", the so-called starship from the future, which will become the largest and most beloved car. By technical standards, it was a copy of the Volkswagen KΓ€fer. In total, only three copies were released, so the car was just a prototype. It developed a space velocity of 160 km \ h. To date, there is only one instance of the Porsche 64 - one that belonged to Ferdinand Porsche. We can say that the soul of a Volkswagen beetle has an alien origin that never grows old, and the body is taken from the very depths of the spirit of nature, when the words were said that in order to create something brilliant, one must observe nature ... And for an example was taken beetle. My little beautiful story for every VW heart

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