VW could bring back the Scout in the form of a Bronco-beating EV

According to MotorTrend, VW’s plans to buy the Scout name have progressed and it’s likely we will see the car brought back to life in electric form.

4w ago

As an electric future dawns upon the automotive industry, more and more companies are releasing electrified models. Having already released successful EVs such as the ID.3, VW is a company which is constantly updating its electric range.

MotorTrend reports that VW has now progressed with its plans to by the Scout name. If this is true, it would not be surprising to see the Scout revived in the form of a Bronco-beating EV.

One of VW’s subsidiaries is Traton which is a conglomerate of Scania, MAN, and Navistar. Navistar is the successor to the International Harvester company that built the original Scout SUV; the company still owns the trademark. Earlier this year, Navistar was bought by Traton for $3.7 billion meaning that VW technically owns the rights to the Scout name.

After the remarkable success of the new Ford Bronco, it would be smart for Volkswagen to revive the Scout, even if it was sold under a different company.

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Comments (22)

  • No. No. NO!!!!! It’s better that it stays dead than be revived as an EV

      1 month ago
  • Ze VW Scoutenvagon

      1 month ago
  • Also, I don’t think a 22 mile extension cord is a good idea for taking a scout up Engineer Pass In Colorado

      1 month ago
  • As much as I usually dislike EVs, I do make an exception when it comes to trucks and off-roaders. Electric motors in that application lower the center of gravity, increase torque, and give you more usable storage space, all things you want out of a utility vehicle. In my ideal world, internal combustion engines would be reserved for cars, where internal combustion engines give them more character, while trucks and SUVs use electric drivetrains. So if VW wants to make an electric Scout, I am all here for it! I just hope it doesn't stray too far from its roots in terms of design, utility, and price.

      1 month ago
    • Nothing says off-roading like a car that weighs 3x as much as normal and kills you when you hit a rock.

        1 month ago
  • Nothing can stand in the way of the bronco

      1 month ago