VW Finish on a high

So, the WRC 2016 is over, the Polo is now out of a job and so are it's three crews - for now. As expected, VW were on top in Australia and Mikkelsen hasn't done his chances of securing a drive for 2017 any harm at all. Sebastien Ogier, who has moaned endlessly about how unfair the running order is, still managed to finish in second place. With the running order rules changing in 2017, hopefully he'll stop whining about it now. It's not exactly hurt him much, has it?

Mikkelsen took the final WRC win for the VW Polo.

Mikkelsen is definitely shaping up to be a tidy driver so you would have to bet on him featuring next year, while it seems that Ogier is going to be testing some 2017 cars and deciding which one suits him best. Must be nice to be in a place where you can choose which car to drive. Little word on Latvala, but a Finn driving a Toyota for a Finnish team doesn't seem beyond the realms of possibility.

Neuville nicked third spot and could be a real threat in 2017.

The final podium spot went to Thierry Neuville in the Hyundai, followed by Paddon and Sordo. Paddon could have been higher, had he not gone off and shredded a tyre, but the Hyundai team could be the ones to beat in 2017. M-Sport were a bit of an also-ran, with Ostberg in sixth (surely his time is up?), while the young Cammilli decided to wreck his Fiesta. Again. There seems to have been some positive feedback surrounding the 2017 Fiesta, but Malcolm Wilson definitely need to seriously think about his driver line-up. Ostberg has been in the WRC a long time and achieved little, while Cammilli seems to really struggle to keep it on the straight and narrow. Not a great way to win rallies.

So that's that, the 2016 WRC is over. It's all change for 2017, with new cars and some high profile names still looking to find a seat. The closed season is going to be a busy one and I will be talking in more detail about the future soon, so keep an eye out.

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