A ruinable car.

3y ago

The MK4 Golf GTI, a car you can modify to your hearts content. You can add silly lights, stupid bumpers and ridiculous wheels, all just for it to go wrong somewhere down the line. Now you may be thinking “why are you reviewing such an old car”, well the answer to that is my mate has one. This led to me thinking I will review it, unfortunately for me, he has destroyed it. With things that VW themselves didn’t want to put on the car, and if a manufacturer didn’t think it should go on a car, it shouldn’t be on a car. Ever. But lots of people decide that it should be put on the car and put it on anyway. Sorry when I say lots I mean first or second time car buyers, who happen to be aged between 17-25. Being in that age bracket I will know tell you that most of us know nothing about cars, I for example think a magician sits under the bonnet to make the wheels drive. Admittedly one that drinks a lot of petrol or diesel. Plus, I have the mental age of a 70-year-old man, who thinks all youths are stupid silly people. I even own a pair of driving gloves and a tweed jacket.

But on to his car he has installed a stainless steel straight through exhaust pipe which makes it sound better, but to add the twin exhaust outlets he has had to cut the bumped. This has been done by the council, with a pair of nail clippers by the looks of it. But whilst the exhaust sounds alright the 1.8L turbo engine sounds like a diesel, horrible. Switching my attention to the bumpers I found that the R32 bumper he has put on the back doesn’t fit and sits past the rest of the body work by ½ an inch. The front one does fit, which is good. Moving to the interior he has installed a turbo pressure gauge, which in my mind is pointless. I mean can any of you find a point in it? No you can’t can you. The rest of the interior is nice stock VW with plenty of storage, like a glove box and a sunglasses compartment in the armrest. It also has cup holders, proper ones unlike the ones you get on any Vauxhall Corsa. The boot is quite large and can hold a sub, but I don’t know if it is nuclear or not and if MI5 know about it.

Driving the car on stock suspension, means the car is quite soft and bouncy. This in turn means that the handling is dire, with the car leaning so much is corners it might as well be on its side. The steering is another issue because it is so vague and feels like you’re on a donkey guiding it with a carrot. Then you have the issue of power, which because of the turbo means it takes a while for it to be meaningful. But when the turbo finally spools up you have plenty about 150bhp, which is adequate for most people.

So, in all if you want a car you can destroy with silly bumpers wheels and exhausts then this is the car for you. And if you don’t buy a mark 5 golf, which is way better.

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  • I have driven a stock mk 4 GTI before and once the turbo kicks in at 2000 rpm after a bit of expected lag the car really goes.

      3 years ago
  • A boost gauge is useful to see if you have boost leaks, gives you an idea of how much boost you are running, and also it looks cool.

    Thanks for the input of my car and yeah you are correct I would love a mk5 as it is a lot better at everything, specifically the Ed30, with a ko4 turbo.

    Oh well I love it thanks for the review lad.

      3 years ago