V​W Intends To Have Self-Driving ID.Buzz For Commercial Use By 2025

V​olkswagen plans to have Level 4 autonomy in ID.Buzz commercial vans by 2025.

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K​ey Points:

1​. Volkswagen has announced plans for an autonomous ID.Buzz electric van for commercial use by 2025.

2​. VW says that the self-driving ID.Buzz vans will be used as ride-sharing vehicles, similar Volkswagen Group's Moia van.

3. The regular ID.Buzz is slated to arrive in 2023 in the U.S, but it won't be equipped with Level 4 autonomy.


V​olkswagen has announced intentions for a self-driving ID.Buzz electric minibus for commercial use by 2025. The automaker said that it is currently undergoing tests in Germany using technology developed by Argo AI, a company that both Ford and VW have invested in. Argo AI's finished product will be used within the ID.Buzz for ride-sharing and other commercial activities.

L​evel 4 autonomy allows the van to operate without human interaction, but only in certain areas. As it stands, no automakers offer this level of autonomous technology, but General Motors' Super Cruise driver-assistance system has entered Level 4 testing in San Francisco with help from Waymo. Japan is also in on the action, as Level 3 systems will be found in the next generation of Japanese-spec Honda Legends.

T​he use of these vans, according to Volkswagen, is similar to that of VW Group's Moia subsidiary, which has a van of its own. The Moia van is also electric, and is utilized for a ride-sharing service in two German cities. VW will reveal a self-driving ID.Buzz in Qatar for the World Cup (2022), but it will only be for public transport on semi-fixed routes.

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  • I hate autonomous vehicles, they destroy everything we love about cars and its electric so there are no redeeming factors, I would rather walk

      1 month ago
  • Unless one is incapable of operating an automobile, why the need for autonomy? Surely one can defer attending to social media distractions? ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

      1 month ago
    • You talkin to Millennials? Hang on, they have a text.

        1 month ago
    • I refused to communicate via messaging apps with my post-millennial nieces and nephews, they either drop me a properly formatted email and await for my reply or have a proper conversation with me on FaceTime, none of the; idk, b4n, lmk etc...

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        1 month ago
  • Nice!

      1 month ago
  • ...and in other news, I intend to have my hover-bike in production by 2025 as well. Oh shut up VW, and concentrate on making what you HAVE got in production. You've put that microbus on hold forever and dressing it up in another frock with a promise of properties you simply do not have, is just getting boring.

      1 month ago