VW Is Bringing Back The VR6 In The Arteon R

1y ago


In a conversation with the fine folks of Car Throttle, VW Product Line Manager Martin Hube, confirmed that there is a VR6 power Arteon R in development. The prototype Arteon R would be the range topping VW sedan and promise to be an Audi RS7 for the working man.

The legendary VR6 engine was proclaimed dead after turbocharged 4-cylinders and electrification dominated VWs portfolio. The last VR6 in mass production resides in the engine bay of the Chinese Market VW Atlas. A sad life for VW's revered VR6 engine that spent most of it's life in performance cars.

Thankfully VW took their sacred VR6 engine out of that massive SUV and slotted in the engine bay of the gorgeous Arteon hatchback. According to Car Throttle and Mr. Hube, the engine in the prototype Arteon R produces a healthy 404 horsepower and could probably make more.

The new turbocharged VR6 is mated to VW's incredible DSG transmission and sends power to all four wheels via VW's 4-Motion AWD system. This allows drivers to make the most of the power available from the oddball engine.

Finally there's an RS7 we call all afford except it's called the Arteon R so it's much harder to say. It looks like no matter what, the wealthy will still have it a little easier.

Here's a quick video to remind you how good the VR6 sounds:

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