VW is considering an IPO for Porsche

Numerous reports suggest that an IPO for Porsche could happen next year

1w ago

Remember when last year we told you that VW was considering the future of Lamborghini and Ducati? Now, several reports from Bloomberg and Automotive News suggest that VW is considering an IPO for Porsche.

Volkswagen is doing this to fund the development of electric technology as well as increase the valuation of Porsche.

According to sources close to VW, it is said that the German brand is looking to raise 20-25 billion euros. VW has declined to say anything regarding this, but Bloomberg report that the IPO could happen as soon as next year. These are tense times if you are a Porsche fan.

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Comments (11)

  • Good news! More funds for future acquisitions and technology investments by VW. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

      13 days ago
  • This will probably happen as VW seems to be actively trying to raise cash and an IPO for Porsche would generate a massive amount of cash and not leave VW with 100% ownership just in case Porsche tanks with upcoming EV legislation. Remember Bugatti/Rimac, exactly the same and raising cash.

    VW is probably needing to either build EV infrastructure like Tesla or invest in battery Tech to outsmart Tesla and that costs a lot of money. Can’t make cash from carbon credits like Tesla and this won’t last forever for Tesla.

    If I was VW, I would do this as what really will be the difference between a Taycan and a 911 GT3 EV other than the size of batteries/motor.

    VW need an EV plan and selling/raising cash whilst there is value is the way to do it. You watch in coning years what the spend will be on EV tech ready for 2030.

      12 days ago
  • VW might also be doing this as Porsche have just developed something else that is a breakthrough for old technology engines. VW have been doing similar experiments with Audi and a UK university utilising carbon capturing system on sea old oil rig platform in the north sea and producing synthetic fuels themselves to test.

      12 days ago
  • What's an IPO?

      12 days ago
  • More funds aren't always good. Relying on investors can seriously corrupt a company and I don't want to see a name like Porsche go to shit.

      12 days ago