VW is offering the coolest Rolls-Royce feature for their "cars for the people"

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Good news for the OCD-suffering VW owners! A feature that we've seen on Rolls-Royce cars that keeps the RR wheel-logo always upright is now coming to much less premium Volkswagen models. No more brand logos pointing whichever direction! Hallelujah!

Does not fit the Phaeton or Touareg

Currently, the item is being offered only by Volkswagen UK, as a deluxe feature from the premium segment but here's the kicker - it doesn't fit the wheels you'd find on the more expensive models, like Phaeton or Touareg SUV.

Neither will it fit Up!, Polo, Lupo, and T-Cross so there is some remedy in it. They fit standard 5G0601171XQI hub caps if you are interested.

The whole set will cost you £156 (approximately $194) and as James Woolfe, Accessories and Merchandise Product Manager at Volkswagen UK explains: “If you’re after a touch of that super-expensive segment on your Volkswagen, or if you just want to quell the niggling irritation of badges pointing in different directions to one another, being upside-down or not being perfectly horizontal when parked, then these are definitely for you.”

A first-world problem you didn't know existed

The feature first appeared on Rolls-Royce Phantom, but since that car is pretty race, chances are you've never noticed its hub-caps and therefore, never knew this problem needed solving.

Do you really need this? Does anyone do? Absolutely not! It is one of those optional extras that tells everyone how much you are better than them. Just like the motorized trunk lid, or the illuminated grill on the upcoming BMW X6. All just for show.

It is just stupid! Or is it?

What is the most useless optional extra ever?

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Written by: Styp P

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