VW Says Next EV Will Be A Car For The People

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VW will soon reveal the next electric car to join its I.D. range, and it’s set to be the cheapest yet. Reports suggest it’ll be a crossover (as if it’d be anything else…) and will start from as low as €20,000. That’s just £17,400 or $22,500. That amazingly low price could tempt more people into EVs – it could be the catalyst that kills off internal combustion.

You might think I’m over exaggerating. But VW sees this new I.D. model as a spiritual successor to the Beetle, as a modern people’s car. It’ll be a seriously important model for the company – it’s what Volkswagen translates to, after all.

VW has namechecked the Golf when talking about this as-yet-unnamed model, so does that mean the Golf will be killed off? That’s unlikely, for the time being at least, even with the I.D. Neo electric car (main image) that’ll be roughly Golf sized. You’ll still be able to buy fast petrol versions for a quite a while yet.

This new people’s car will be a crossover with a raised ride height and dimensions between the T-Cross and T-Roc – so fairly similar to the SEAT Arona.

VW’s EV range is shaping up nicely, and seemingly growing by the month. The conventional hatchback, the I.D. Neo, will come first in 2020, followed by the I.D. Crozz SUV coupe, the I.D. Buzz camper and van, and the sleek I.D. Vizzion saloon (pictured here). We’ll probably see this fifth model sometime through 2022.

Supposedly, it aims to be a car that’s classless and appeals to everyone. It’s also said to offer amazing interior space, despite its relatively compact footprint, and the affordability to suit more people than most electric cars.

The I.D. 5 will share the company’s new MEB platform for electric vehicles, which will use a motor at the front and a large-capacity battery. Don’t expect four-wheel-drive, but do expect a range of more than the 186 miles managed by the e-Golf.

Also expect a whole load of new VW Group electric cars in the new few years. In total, VW plans to launch 27 (!) electric or hybrid models across its brands by 2025. Wowzer.

Do we need another electric VW? And what will it be called?

Let me know your thoughts in the comments.

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